Monday, February 10, 2014

::who's the HAPPIEST??...::

Have you ever read the biographies of rich people around the world who were so famous and great but.....did not have faith in Allah??.(..uh..huh..)Where are they now?? (what do you meannnn??) Are they ended their live with happiness??(uh...not sure..)Where are the big houses and mansions that they built?...It is gone....It's all has come to an end.....

Based on my reading, newspapers, people's conversations and other sources I found out that most of them committed suicide, they were imprisoned and lead a misery life (Naudzubillahiminzalik). Why is that so?? Isn't that wealth, popularity, beauty, are things that matter the most in life?? nahh.. Every wealth in the world can never buy happiness and create joy...if you think the answer is yes, you maybe right to some extent..but think again, would you be happy without light and guidance from Allah the Almighty, our creator??

Well, you see...whenever a person is being tested with misery and difficulty...even how bad he or she might be, he will definitely turn back to Allah, the Creator. Why? Because it is fitrah. That's the beauty of being a muslim.

No one is happier than those who believe in Allah..We should be glad and thankful for the ni'mah of Islam as our religion.

I am no pious just sharing a little knowledge and reminding each other. #PEACE