Friday, January 31, 2014


Alhamdulillah..I am so grateful to Allah S.w.t for the success that He granted to me. Yeah, I know, I was not a bright student. My result may not be as good as others…but still I am thankful to Allah for the opportunity that I have got..An opportunity for my mom to see me officially graduated and finished my law degree  and passed all the papers..

Most of my friends knew of the facts that I was never had the intention to read law…but it was written in luh mahfudz that law was meant for me..Allah knows what’s best right..i am glad that throughout my study time I was circled with friends who were so supportive. Ana uhibbukum fillah….
(I really do love my friends)..

But, one thing that sadden me is that…I am not going to continue with my LLBS..

‘achu, it’s a waste u know…only one year left..”
‘achu..kite ingat awak sambung llbs..”
‘achu…jom la sambung..ramai yang tak sambung..”
‘achu..tak best la achu takde..’ (ngee bangga kejap..)

Dear friends, how I wish I could be together with you guys and pursue llbs…how I wish we could read the so called ‘kitab kuning’ together and translate the bizarre and fantastic arab vocabs that we rarely heard of ngeeee…I am really going to miss those moments where we attended angah’s mini lecture (where maurid dictionary was so useful sampai achu punye da lunyai huhu)..

I am surely going to miss all the asatizah who had always been kind to us!! (Seriously, never met 2x degree lecturer yang garang ngeee sume baik2 and supportive and layan je kitorang). Especially Ustaz abd rahman whom I adore so much and always thought him as my own father.. (Yeah maybe because of his look and his character that resembles my late father)..And the thing that that I will miss the most was our chaotic class..(x pernah stress dalam class sharia’h) :’)

Friends, I am really sorry that i can’t be with you guys… I am not in the position that allows me to continue with my llbs… I know you guys knew about it.. Allah dah tetapkan jalan hidup kita masing-masing...Don’t worry I am surely will come back to uia and belanja korang as promised inshaAllah..

P/S: korang study elok2 k and please3x jangan lupe achu tau..achu doakan korang berjaya dunia akhirat :’)