Thursday, May 27, 2010

a small video on MARRIAGE

assalamualaikum....i start it wif the name of Allah The Most Gracious n Most Merciful :)
it is still early in the morning...(7;12 am)....nape sy x tido ek...
i dont even have class today...erm..tido after subuh?/?erm better not...if i do sleep after subuh then when i wake up headache bagusla untuk sy n plus EARLY BIRDS GET THE MOST WORMS...but somehow kalo mata sy terlalu berat lg2 after staying up at nite my niat for not getting asleep after subuh menjadi sebaliknye...diulit mimpi yang bukan2 and end up with headache attacks!!padan muka sy ^_^ frIENDs try not to sleep after subuh, insyaALLAH rizq(rezki) from Allah will come onto u...ameen :)

owh yeah the introduction for today's entry seems to long...huhu hampir2 terkeluar from the title i wrote above...a small video on Marriage....enjoy the show and ambillah pengajaran from this RAHBIA'S STORY.....