Saturday, September 3, 2011

no doubt please

"Jika semua yang kita kehendaki terus kita MILIKI,
bagaimana kita dapat belajar IKHLAS?
Jika semua yang kita impikan
segera TERWUJUD bagaimana kita dapat belajar SABAR?
Jika setiap doa kita terus DIKABULKAN 
bagaimana kita dapat belajar IKHTIAR?
Jika hidup kita selalu BAHAGIA 
bagaimana kita dapat kenal ALLAH lebih DEKAT?
adalah TERBAIK untuk KITA"-by adek imah utk achu(mekaceh)

dua is  powerful! please dont make doubts whenever we recite our dua'(hm like i cant possibly be successful as i never know how to n i cant possibly see how i can get though this calamity n what not...) ..if we do have doubts whether ALLah is going to grant our wish or not..then khalas, e dua that we recite is merely an uttered words...but if and only if we expect that Allahu rabbul 'alamin will grant our wish inshaALLAH it will happen as Allah would not dissappoint mu'min who make the dua as his silah... addua' silahulmu'min..
wallhua'lam im no pious only sharing little things that i know... may every good deeds u've done will pave e road to jannah! ameen

-mawar berduri-